Monday, January 16, 2012

China Glaze "Rainbow" review and swatch

China Glaze "Rainbow"

I don't own very many China Glaze nail polishes but the more that I buy, the more that I want! They dry so fast, are generally opaque, have a great brush applicater, and have a very vast selection of colors to choose from. (Not as many as OPI, but then agian who does?)

I was browsing the polish section when I saw this color that just stood out from the rest, and I couldnt grab it quick enough. Now I don't know if love at first sight exists for every area of life, but for this polish it was the real deal.

Not the best picture, but the only one where I could get any pink to show up on camera

It was so friggen hard to get a picture that had the pink pearl effect show up! In almost every lighting it just showed up as a pearly white, when just below my camera you could see this beautiful pearly pink that showed up as the light hit it at different angles.

Now the first picture of the bottle I would say is the true effect of the polish. It's a stunning snow colored white pearl with almost a duo-chromed effect of a pink/violet.  It's basically white until the light hits it at it's different angle and you see a pink glow.

It's not a color that people are going to notice from 15 feet away and be like "wow! whats that!" but rather something that is more subtle, but noticeable close up.

This is an 9/10 in my books!

With one coast it could add a fun topper to different base polishes but worn alone needs at least 2 coats to become opaque. So I'm not sure if the need for 2 coats is a con, or is that if with 1 coat you can use it as a fun top coat is a plus? That's up in the air for debate.

Never the less this is a unique color that I think is worth at least a look at.


On a little side note...its the middle of January and the snow has Finally come to Vancouver! *little late old man winter*

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