Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Helpful Hints For Great Skin - part 1

We all are struggling to get perfect skin. Well, there is no such thing. We can have great skin, but our faces will never look as photo shopped in real life.  (In fact, it took me forever to find a picture that hadn't been photo shopped! oh, the world we live in.) Now by all means, I do not have great skin. I have issues that I am still struggling with, but here is some advice that has worked for me so far because we all know that for great makeup we need a good canvas to start on.

1. Duh water.   It hydrates your skin. It flushes out toxins in your body. Drink more of it and your probably going to look better all around. I don't want to go too much into this one because it's been preached over and over and your sick of hearing about it. But it works.  So switch a pop for a bottle of water. Have it with your meals. Have a glass when you wake up, and an hour before bed (This morning and night thing also helps with bad breath)

2. Good Eats. Who would have thought that eating proper meals would be good for your skin? oh ya, we all did. It's just easier said that done.  Just keep trying. I keep learning that when I eat food that is better for me my skin looks a whole lot nicer . One big thing that has helped because I eat so much of it is spinach (hello Popeye) Since I've added spinach into my weekly,but more like daily diet my skin has had a huge boost of nutrients that has made it easier to look in the mirror. I sneak it into stir frys or lasagna if I treat myself, I substitute it into salads instead of iceberg lettuce, which is main way I like to eat it.

3. Show A New Layer Of Yourself. Oh my gosh I don't even like to think about how lazy I used to be about exfoliating my skin. I was just awful, like once a month or two. Yuck. I hate thinking about how much dead skin was on my face. Now I'm smarter. I keep my facial exfoliater in my shower with everything else. I give myself a good face scrub 1-3 times a week, because that's what my skin needs. Everyone is different but at least once a week.

to be continued.


Monday, January 30, 2012

January Favorites

These are some of my favorite items from January that I fell in love with, so I thought I'd share them with you. PS. If you have a favorites post this month leave a link to your post in the comments!

1. My Michael Kors Rose Gold Glitz Chronograph watch. My sweet boyfriend got me this for Christmas this year. I had been lusting after this watch for almost a year and I am so grateful for it. It's my first "Nice" watch, and I'm in love with it. I wear it almost every second of the day.
2. Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation Faker. this was a mid January buy, but it's on it's way to becoming a holy grail product. By far the most amazing cream foundation I've ever tried.
3. Bath And Body Works Anti Bacterial moisturizing hand soap in "Sparkling Snow" I really wish this wasn't a holiday edition soap because the smell is amazing! It smells like soft berries with tiny hints of jasmine. Truly a scent I'd love all year round. I scored this in there boxing day sale and I really wish I'd gotten a few more. oh well. Now I know what to stock up on next year. oh my gosh! they better bring this back next year!!
4. Jay Ashers novel "13 Reasons Why". I'm just about finished this book and I can't believe how attached I am. I haven't enjoyed a book this much in a long time. Enjoy might not be the right word, it's actually a sad story but it's written so well and the characters are very believable. Although I'm not quite finished, I still say I highly recommend this book.
5. NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk". I love Nyx jumbo pencils but this month I've rediscovered why I love "milk" so much. It's the perfect base for most eye shadows to enhance their color without changing it.
6. My leopard scarf from Dynamite .  I love animal print, but I always feel hesitant to wear it because of how easily it can come off as tacky, but when I saw this scarf I fell head over heels. I find it more classy than trashy.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

I'm really excited for spring to be coming. I want warmer weather and bright colors again. Unfortunately for where I live spring means rain...and Lot's of it. But just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean my makeup is going to be.  This season I'm looking foreword to a lot of new fresh makeup trends and these are a couple of my favorites.

Flushed Cheeks.   Yes OK, we all want a healthy glowing face all year round but what I mean is a healthy pop on the cheeks...and letting that be the main attraction. We always ask ourselves what the focus of our makeup should (The eyes or the lips?) but this season I want the spotlight to be on my cheeks. I'm thinking not-so-bold eye makeup, simple lip (close to your natural lip color) and a beautiful flush of pink/coral on the cheek

Wearable Ombre lips.  Very very wearable! I  love the dark stain in the middle and then letting it lighten out towards the edges ( Very I just bit a juicy berry look) or the opposite with darker in the outer edges and lightening towards the middle (The illusion of fuller lips) ). For a fun ombre lip try using two different colors or shades. I know Covergirl just came out with their new Blast Flipsticks that are perfect for this seasons ombre trend.

What makeup trends are you looking forward to trying out this spring?


My lazy Sunday

So today I don't plan on doing much. It's been a long week and I'd like to relax as much as I can.
I got to sleep in this morning,  which was a real treat. My internal alarm has been set very early this week. Read a bit of  the current book i'm obsessed with. Hung out with the boyfriends little brothers and sisters since they got to come over the weekend. Made the little one some breakfast because she was sick. Poor little thing has had every cold, flu and ear infection known to man this past winter.  Came home and nursed my cramps with a little bit of Cadbury hot chocolate. YUM.  Finished a blog post. I have to go into work for a few hours but it will be a short trip.  Then I get to come home to a turkey dinner with my family. Mum is cutting sweet potatoes as we speak. I love family dinners. We don't have them often but I do really enjoy them. After that I plan of tidying up my room just a bit and then snuggling up in my bed and watching Roman Holiday. Finishing up my day by hopefully finishing the book i've been reading this week "13 Reasons Why", it's so sad but it's so good that I just don't want to put it down.

What are you up to this sunday?


Re-Purchase! Studio Secrets Porefesional Magic Perfecting Base

Studio Secrets Porefesional
Magic Perfecting Base

I remember buying this about a year ago, and I couldn't for the life of me remember what I thought about it, which was perfect because I was looking around at the store for a new primer and for $10 CDN I thought why the hell not try it out again.

I've been using this for about a week now (So I'm glad I snapped up some photos of before I dug my paws into it) And these are my thoughts so far. The actual container seems very small. With my nails it can be a bit hard to get just the right amount of product without getting a big glob stuck under my nail. That being said about the small container, the product goes a very long way. All you need is a very tiny layer over your face or on the spots you need primed. If you do put too much on, you face will feel very slippery, but the right amount creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

The main reason I use a primer is to cover up the larger pores on my cheek around my nose. For that this product works perfectly. I just dab a small amount onto the area and pat in the product. I do not rub it in or smooth it over. Just pat it on. Then once my foundation is applied it's like..."what pores?".

So I really like the primer itself. Just not the packaging. It can be a daily pain in the ass. But I'm willing to deal with it for the product itself. I probably won't repurchase it again right after, I'd like to experiment with other primers first, but I like it enough to use up the rest of the container and to consider it again if I need a good primer down the road for a good price.

What are your favorite primers?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Benefit - Some Kind-A Gorgeous -The Foundation Faker

Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous
9.5 g / o.34 oz
$36 CDN

Last night I caved. I went and bought the full size Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation Faker by Benefit. I got a sample just over a week ago and I've been loving it so much I had..no NEEDED to get the full size container. It's been a long time since I've fallen in love with a sample so much, but this foundation faker is magical.

Some Kind-A gorgeous is cream to powder foundation. I'd like to say it's a new layer of perfect skin.
It's incredibly lightweight (feels like a naked face), evens out my skin color (goodbye acne scars) and yet still somehow lets my natural skin show through (like the freckles around my nose I love)
This is the product I've been waiting for my whole life for, what I've dreamed and hoped that every liquid foundation I've ever tried would be but wasn't.

The formula is oil free which is great because I have "wonderful oily skin". hah.  The most magical part though is the finish and lasting power.  I wouldn't say it's matte, nor would I say glowy. It just looks like skin. Beautiful healthy skin. And it stays all day.  How awesome is that? I worked an 8 hour day
and my face looked the same as it did in the morning when I applied it. Wow. The same goes for every day I've worn it. It just lasts and lasts and lasts.

The one thing that you must know before buying this product is that the shades are a lot lighter than they appear to be. I would say I have a light/medium skin tone and I use the medium shade. I swatched the light but I think that may be for skin tones that are close to an alabaster color. Girls who are pretty  light like me might be a medium as well. Girls with medium skin tones may be a medium, maybe even deep. And deep skin toned girls might work for the deep shade, and some it may be too light for them. So I highly recommend swatching first.

Starting to get ready
Loreal studio secrets primer
Benfit Some Kind-A Gorgeous
De-Slick setting spray
Dusting of MAC Studio Fix Powder
MAC Dame blush

This may be a new Holy Grail product, who knows. The odds are looking good.

-Stay Fabulous

How To De-Stress Part 2

Continued... HOW TO DE-STRESS PART 2

Have a cup of tea my dear - If I've been crying, the first thing my mom had always done is bring me some tea (hot chocolate when I was really little ) I don't know what it is. Maybe the distraction of sipping on something. Maybe it's the warmth of the drink.I don't know. It doesn't cure the problem but my body starts relaxing. This is really good for a hard crying session. The ones where your chest is practically convulsing.

Go on and have something bad - We shouldn't eat candy or chips or pop, generally bad things for out body. But when your sad, sometimes it's okay. I know when you eat carbs it's boosts your serotonin levels (The happy hormone). Now you shouldn't make this a habit. Emotional eating can be a real problem, but once in a while is alright.

Work it out girl -  Another great way to boost serotonin! Not only will you feel happy, but your going to look better. Yoga, Pilate's, treadmill, doesn't matte any exercise. Hell- even go for a walk. It's all good.

That's what she's there for -  Grab your bestie, your mom, anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Let what ever is bother you out. Bitch it out. It's like releasing all the bad feelings out of your body.

Hold your pet -  I remember reading a while ago that holding your pet, and playing with them reduces stress levels. No idea how it works. But it's nice to have someone that is always happy around (hello- mans best friend)

How to you calm down and relax?


Thursday, January 26, 2012

HGP - MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation


We all have products that we need to have around with us at all times. Something that we can't go one day without. For me, one of these products has been MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I've been  using this for a countless amount of years since early high school, alone and as a setting powder.

Since I was "blessed" with oily skin, I like to stay close to foundations with a matte finish. There is zero sparkle or shimmer in this powder.

I would say that depending on  how you apply it,  this powder foundation can be medium to full coverage, But if too heavily applied can come off as fake and cakey. Remember if not enough is applied you can always go back and add more. I will be the first to admit that I've gone overboard with a heavy hand, and that this has happened to me on numerous occasions, and is never a good look. On anyone. But once I got the hang of it, even the lightest application covers just about any problem area. Mine being acne scars.

If I use it alone I like to use my 182 MAC kabuki brush, that way I can really buff it into my skin.  When I use it as a setting powder I choose my MAC 134 large powder brush and just dust the powder over whatever other foundation I'm using.

This is little bit on the higher end at $32 CDN, and lasts me about 3 months. It's worth every single penny. I heard about MAC breaking people out, but in the last 8 years using this I have never had this being any problem. Just make sure you sanitize your brushes and wash them so you don't transfer germs to the foundation.

Have you tried MAC powders?


PS Loving Flo Rider - Wild one! On repeat!

LOTD - NYX Lipstick In Peach

This week I seem to be into some bright colors, and another of my favorites is NYX lipstick in Peach. When I first saw the name I thought it was ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing "Peach" about it. Whoever named it may have been colorblind, or just has an inside joke that the rest of us don't understand. It's a  raspberry with such a little amount of shimmer than it comes off as more of a sheen. And the formula feels like pure silk, it's fabulous. But one of the best things besides  the buttery formula is the packaging. The top part is .. meh, but on the bottom is a gel that shows the exact color of the lipstick!! No more nasty tester tubes that are crawling with whatever germs all the people who touched it had!!!  I honestly don't know why every brand doesn't do this. It's genius.

-What NYX lipsticks have you tried?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LOTD - Maybelline Colorsensational Highshine - Coral Lustre

I'm feeling spring right now after the whole WEEK of winter we had here in Vancouver, and I felt like rocking a colorful lip. This is Maybellines Colorsensational highshine in Coral Lustre.

I wanted to take a ton of pictures in different lighting so you can see the full effect.  The picture that shows the truest color is the bottom middle picture.
 It's a pink coral that is all color, all gloss. No shimmer. No glitter. No frost. It's one of the nicest formulas that I've seen in the drugstore, feeling like a gloss rather than a lipstick.
The smell is very strong but I wouldn't say over powering. It smells fruity, maybe cherry/pineapple. So yummy.

What are you wearing on your lips today?


Morning and Night Skincare Routine

This is basically what my day and night skincare routine consists of. There are a few variables, like I'm looking for a new eye cream (If you can suggest one I would love that!) and any facial masks or makeup wipes of the moment.

As of the moment I'm pretty fed up with makeup wipes. I cannot for the life of me find one that I like and want to stick with till death do us part. So I'm doubling up one the cleanser.

The cleanser that I use is Neutrogena Rapid Clear oil removing foaming cleanser. If you'd like to see a full review, you can click HERE. This takes off everything!! So I wash once to remove makeup, and once again to cleanse my skin. The first wash is with my hands and the second is with my Clarisonic breast cancer awareness edition.
Then I use my Cotton Rounds with my Olay Minimizing toner, and/or My Body Shop Camomile (odd spelling, but that's what it says)gentle eye make-up remover.  Then I take my Neutrogena oil free acne stress control 3 in 1 hydrating acne treatment and apply a thing layer over my face avoiding my eye and area close to my lips. Lastly I use my Neutrogena oil free fresh moisture ultra light moisturizer and apply another thin layer. I like to shower in the mornings, so every other morning I like to use my St.Ives fresh skin apricot scrub. I feel like it's the best drugstore option, and it's amazing if used right. Gently scrub your skin. My poor friend used this and tried to scrub off hair dye, and ended up taking a layer of skin off her forehead. She was left with a gross scab for about a week. So be careful, do not scrub your skin off haha.

So any makeup removing wipes/ eye cream suggestions that you have are greatly appreciated :)

What do you use in your skin care routine?


Monday, January 23, 2012

My All Time Favorite Cleanser - Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleanser

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil Removing Foaming Cleanser
175 ml
I have very oily skin, I can thank my mom and dad for that. And up until about 2 years ago there wasn't really much I could do about it. My makeup would melt off within a few short hours. Pictures of myself would shine like I had gloss all over my face. It was just really depressing until I found this cleanser.

It's a cream base that lathers into a light foam, and washes away all the oil and dirt and grime on my face. Even my makeup. Mascara included. I honestly don't  know what it could be but this cleanser literally takes everything off, without over drying.

A long time ago when I was naive and didn't know much, I thought cream cleansers were only for dry skin. But this cleanser takes off all the bad and leaves you with just the right amount of good oils. Because as we all know, even oily skin needs some hydration. Oh, and acne? gone. no more whiteheads. Even my congested pores have slowly diminished over time, but some of that is thanks to my facial scrub.

This has been a god sent. I love neutrogena products, and I just couldn't live without this cleanser. 

What's your go to cleanser?



I've been watching YouTube religiously since about 2010 and since then I've gotten addicted to a few special gurus and comedians. They have given me great advice, tips , and laughs so I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't seen them!


MissGlamoazzi: She doesn't do crazy looks but I feel that our everyday makeup style is very similar that whenever she has a new video, it's one of my first to watch.

TiffanyD : She has such great tips and techniques. I really trust her opinion on products. If she doesn't like something she won't be afraid to say so.  I really admire her style.
Sometimes she can be the hardest to watch because I always want to try the products she loves, because whenever I do, I find that I always love them. This makes my wallet sad.

Amarixe : If you haven't heard of this girl. you NEED to go check her out. She is incredible.
She has such a variety of tutorials and tons of reviews. She's very versatile in the products she tries. which I love. Because hello, we don't all use just MAC products.
She also has a great blog as well if you haven't seen it. The blog has it all. Reviews. Tutorials. Fashion.Hauls. Everything.


Shane Dawson:  Hilarious! One of the funniest guys on YouTube. He makes fun of everything, including himself. He has sketches, short movies, chats, vlogs, all on multiple channels. This guy must not have a life, I don't know how anyone could be that productive with a channel and still have time to sleep.

NigaHiga : Every time I watch one of Ryan's videos, I literally laugh out loud. I wish he had more video's out often. I get so exited to see one of his videos in my subscription box!


ShayTards : By far the cutest family on the Internet. I wish I was a part of their family. Shay is so funny ( He also does comedy ) Katilette is so sweet and the shaytard kids are just so friggen cute and hilarious. This family looks like it's funfunfun all day.

Who are your YouTube favorites?


Current NARS wishlist

I found myself browsing around the NARS website again. They really make this hard for me. I go to look at ONE thing and end up drooling over EVERYTHING! The color selection is incredible. The high quality is undeniable. The packaging is so sleek.

These are of my favorites that I have been looking at lately, that will hopefully make it into my makeup collection sometime soon.

The Multiple In Copacabana : A glistening pearl with sheer silver pearls. I've always admired this whenever I go to sephora. I don't know why I just don't buy it already. I've probably used half a container already just playing with it at the store.

Matte Eye shadow In D. Gorgeous : A matte dusty lilac. The description always reminds me of the eyeshadow duo charade (the color in the left side) and since I've never seen D. gorgeous in person, I hope the colors aren't too similar. Never the less it's so pretty.

Sheer lip stick In Shrinager : A metallic raspberry. I find it hard to wear reds, but I could wear berry colors a few times a week and not get bored. And a metallic color with a sheer formula? that sounds fun!

Soft Touch Pencil Shadow In HollyWoodLand : A pale gold. Normally I like to highlight the inner rims of my eyes with pink because I think it make me look more awake, but with summer and a fabulous tan both on their way, I think I gold would be great. Maybe use as a highlighter on cheeks?

Lip gloss In Turkish Delight : A pink sherbet. I must be the only one in the world who doesn't have this lip gloss. Everyone and their mother and their dog have this color. I don't understand why I don't have this yet, the color screams Hayley! I want this. I need this. I must have this. lol

Powder Blush In Gaiety  : A bright candy pink. NARS has some great blushes, but a lot of them have glitter so I shy away most of the time. That's why I was so excited to see a matte blush finally. Unfortunately this is a limited edition from their Spring 2012 collection, so I might need to get my hands on this fast.

Shimmer Eye shadow In Nepal : A soft sheer rose. This color is so beautiful. It seems like a neutral shade that I would wear on an everyday basis, and so I think it would make a great staple in my collection.

Opaque Nail Polish In Schiap : A shocking pink. Schiap is one of their most well known colors. I'm pretty sure they have a lipstick and lip gloss in this color as well. It's just a fun pink that will look great this summer.(on my toes since I can't wear and bright colors on my hands at work)

Smudge proof Eyeshadow Base :  A clear primer. I've read such good reviews all over the place that I think it's time to try out myself. The container is really classic looking as well.

Have you tried out any of these products?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To De-Stress

Life is a tough, exhausting, and emotional place. And all that stress affects the way our bodies function, as well as look. Relaxing is good for your health, as well as you beauty. These are some tips that help me DE-stress, clam down, and relax.

1. Light some candles : The soft light helps our body think it's time to relax, and helps turn off all that unwanted buzzing going through our heads at a mile per second. PLUS the scents can be very soothing. Think lavender, vanilla, mint.

2.  Have a bath or a hot tub :  The hot water loosens up our muscles, and increases blood flow throughout or bodies.  AND all our pores get "opened up" and all the toxins and dirt are loosened out. Even a facial steamer is calming.

3. Watch a movie : Sometimes when I'm upset and emotional I like to throw on a movie. It distracts me from whatever is bothering me, and for a moment I'm in another world living someone Else's life.

4. Read a book : ^ same reason as above. This can be a little trickier since you don't have the bonus of distraction of sight. But depending on your preferences this can work just as well. And depending on the book, can distract you hours longer.

5. Go on and cook/bake something : Try out a new recipe. Make something you always wanted to make. Make some of your favorite restaurant recipes, from scratch. Cooking and baking aren't what people normally think of when trying to relax, but it's very therapeutic.

To be continued...


LOTD - NARS Lipstick - Roman Holiday

3.4 g / 0.12 oz.

 Roman Holiday. My very first NARS lipstick. It has definitely been well loved.
The reason I went to buy a NARS lipstick, and I have never forgotten this, was because MissGlamorazzi said that NARS lipsticks were like lipsticks that felt like lip balms. Which is 100% correct I feel. And when I tried it, I had to buy a few more duh :)

Roman Holiday with both natural and artificial lighting
It's a beautiful blue based bubble gum pink. The formula has a very sheer consistency, but can easily built up for more opaque color if more is applied. Very glossy, absolutely no glitter no shimmer. I'm not sure what the ingredients are in this lipstick, but there is something in this lipstick that moisturizes and conditions the lips.  This feels like putting butter on your lips, it's so softening.
By far my all time favorite brand of lipsticks has to be NARS. The consistency and formula alone are reason enough to buy this lipstick. If you find a color you like, I highly recommend buying it.

For $28 CDN it's definitely on the pricier side, but it's also one of the highest quality on the market.

Have you tried any NARS lipsticks?


FIRST FOTD - Saturday Night Date Night

This is my First FOTD post. Please excuse the lighting and how awful it is. Just getting used to learning that certain lighting is better than others :)

On My Face:
Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous
Garnier roller ball for dark circles
MAC studio fix powder
NARS orgasm

On my Eyes:
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette  with the colors silk teddy; pushup; erotica
NYX slim eye pencil in black
Benefit BadGal lash mascara

Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in hazel

MAC lipstick  creme cup
Nars lipgloss in Greek Holiday


NOTD - Butter London 's Yummy Mummy

Butter London's Yummy Mummy
11 ml / 4 Fl oz.

I remember seeing Yummy Mummy in a video on youtube from TiffanyD, and instantly I fell in love. I tried so hard to find this color in store but they were always out :(

Finally the mall in my town started carrying them at The Bay, and after I squealed in excitement I ran, yes RAN to the Butter London stand and searched for this color. And thank the heavens it was there!
I was hesitant to pay $17 CDN, but now that I've tried it a few times the price is well worth it for the quality and the color selection they have. If you find a color that you absolutely love, go for it. You won't regret it.

Yummy Mummy is a camel taupe color with lots of the same colored shimmer. The formula is super creamy, and incredibly opaque. The picture above is just one coat!!! and dries so fast ( Fast as in like 2 minutes go ) Sadly this seems like more of a fall color, but I needed to wear it just one more time before all this spring colors pop into season.

PS- The packaging is so friggen cute!

What are your favorite Butter London polishes?


Best Hand Cream Ever! - Nivea Pure& Natural

Nivea Pure & Natural hand cream
100 ml / 3.3 Fl oz.
 In my post on how to cure dry chapped hands, I mentioned about using a good hand cream...This one is the one I would recommend. I had a serious case of dry hands this winter season and I don't know how I would have gotten by without this. It's so creamy and moisturizing. Argon oil is is one of the ingredients that is advertised on the bottle, and I think it's the main reason this cream is so softening.

 when I first apply it I always think "oh gosh! I squeezed to much out of the bottle!". The cream is very blendable (Think rubbing butter over your hands) and then before you even have time to think of how to wipe off what you think is excess hand lotion, it's dried! and your hands are so soft.
Soft seems to be the only word I can describe my hands feeling after this hand cream. It's awesome :)
They are BABY SOFT.

Some other pros : NO parabens; NO silicons; NO colorants; NO mineral oil;

The only con: The bottle isn't the cutest or the most flashy bottle. But hey! I'd rather use a product that works and has not-so-cute packaging, rather than cute packaging and a shitty product.

What are your favorite hand creams or lotions?


Friday, January 20, 2012

NARS Orgasm Blush

4.8 g/ 0.16 oz.
NARS Orgasm blush is a cult favorite. It's a pinky peach with glittery gold reflects. Very flattering on almost any skin shade, unless your a glitter hater. And most of the year, I am.
This is usually a product that comes out when my skin is behaving.

Never the less I love that you can tone down the shade quite a bit with a light hand, but still be able to create a rich opaque color that will pop on the cheeks.

At about $35 a pop CDN, this product is for the serious. I absolutely recommend you checking this blush out in person before spending all that money. The only reason I bought it the first time was because I was really young( This was my first high end blush ) and had great skin. AND it was on sale at Sephora for $15 CDN. I loved it. And I was really upset when I lost it. A couple years later when I thought about it again fondly,  I repurchased it online thinking "duh I already love it!". BUT my skin had changed and when I wore it again and I wasn't happy with what I saw. The glitter will make your bumpy flaws very obvious.

That being said, if your skin is under control and you don't mind glitter, this could be the one for you. It is after all a cult favorite for a reason, and is a beautiful unique shade that will stop people in their tracks.

Have you tried NARS ORAGSM? thoughts?


Hard Candy Kal-Eye-Descope baked eyeshadow duo in High Maintenance

Hard Candy eyeshadow in High Maintenance
4.5 g/ 0.15 oz.

I'm not a huge fan of the color selection from Hard Candy's eye shadows, this was in fact one of two that I seemed to be drawn towards. Most of them are very colorful in an over-the-top sort of way. Not my thing.

One side is a champagne. The other is a plumy taupe.

The two colors are very..dupable. You can find these colors in almost every makeup brand. BUT what I find very unique about this duo are the finishes. They are both high shimmer/ and metallic and soooo pigmented, more than I've ever seen in any drugstore brand.

Formula :  Super velvety. A bit of fallout. You should probably use an eye primer. I don't and it doesn't crease but it might help with the glittery fallout.
Price :  So affordable. I got mine from Walmart for less than $6. There is so much product which is just an added bonus considering this is a very high quality drugstore product.
Finish : Shimmery metallic. OH SO PIGMENTED

 Have you tried Hard Candy eye shadows? Thoughts? Favorites?


NARS Charade eyeshadow Duo

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Charade
4 g/ 0.14 oz.
Charade has got to be my all time favorite duo from NARS. The quality is great. The colors suit me. And since I'm an Audrey fan, I had to get my hands on this little item right here. Actually, that's probably the only reason I wanted it so bad. When I finally got it I found out the how amazing it really was  :)

Muted Mauve/ Smokey Plum
smokey plum/ muted mauve

Alright lets get down to the nitty gritty

Formula : It is so soft and buttery. I've worn this without any eye primer and it lasts literally all day. creasing? none.
Finish: Both colors are matte, though It's hard to tell from the swatches. I had to have my hand so close to the lamp, that sheen on the right is just a bit of glare.
Price : A bit more than I'd like to spend on makeup. I got from Sephora for $38 CDN. it's been well loved though. Well worth the price.

Has anyone tried Charade? Thoughts?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefit Tan About Town

I love benefits beauty minis...like LOVE LOVE them! It's so cool that you can try out their full size products before actually having to pay the full sized price ..which makes my wallet..a happy wallet.
I got this set for $15 CDN at sephora.

Sooo while I was waiting in line to pay at my Sephora, a new boxed minis set caught my eye that I had never seen before. And not only that. THEY HAD A MINI BOXED HOOLA BRONZER!
I tried so hard not to embarrass myself from being overly excited in public, but I just couldn't contain myself. I have wanted to try out Benefits Hoola bronzer for ages, but just never got around to it.

I'm overjoyed to try this to say the least :)

any who...

The Benefit Tan About Town mini box set has 3 products including their oh so famous BadGal Lash mascara, Hoola Bronzer, ans Some Kind-A Gorgeous cream foundation.

BadGal Lash
4.0 g/ 0.14 oz.

Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Medium
1.8 g/ 0.06 oz.
3.0 g/ 0.1 oz.

 The only one that I've tried before was BadGal Lash, and it was one of the best mascaras I've ever used. Definitely not disappointed to have that again ;)

Has anyone else tried any of these products? Thoughts?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NOTD OPI Crown Me Already

 Crown Me Already

OPI's Crown Me Already, is a sparkly silver polish from the Ms. Universe collection. It has shimmer, small glitter, and a bit of large glitter...all silver. Is it just me or do glitter polishes seem to dry a whole lot faster than regular polish? first coat was dry in less than a minute. Second was dry in less than a minute. wowza.  One coat is a gorgeous topper ( I love it over Essie Lady Like!) An two is magnificent on it's own.


Philosophy Glow And Behold

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few philosophy goodies this holiday season, and one of my favorites has become the GLOW AND BEHOLD celestial shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath.

This is either a love it or hate it product. There is no one in between.

The reason? The scent.   To me it smells like orange zest with undertones of grapefruit. And when I say orange, I do not by any means want you to think that it smells like The Body shops satsuma fragrance, or that it has an artificial sugary sweet scent. No.  This smells like orange peelings. Juicy but bitter. Which I love, but not everyone does. I find it very invigorating and a nice "wake up" smell in my shower

The formula? Nice, but no super hero body wash. It's basic and does it's job.

It's a 480ml/ 16fl. oz bottle so it's not tiny at all. A very fair sized bottle that is going to last me quite a few months. I got it on sale at The Bay for $15 CDN which is still a bit pricey for body wash, but I splurged on the scent.

Bottom line, it gets the job done and it's only worth buying if you really enjoy the scent. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy this product without smelling first. Really make sure you like it first.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herbal Essences Hydralicous self targeting shampoo

Hallelujah! I think I may have found my new favorite shampoo!

Herbal Essence Hydralicious shampoo "self targeting"
After my last shampoo I was on the hunt for something that wouldn't dry out my hair or make my roots feel greasy on the second day. This is it! I've tried lots of brands, high end and drugstore, This stuff is amazing! I haven't used herbal essence since I was maybe 11 or 12, back when they had their old packaging. (which I loved btw. Much more mature looking)

It's a 300ml bottle. Not even $3 CDN!! so inexpensive!!!!

My hair is so soft after using this shampoo. I don't get that yucky straw feeling anymore. Yay!
And my second day hair? it's soft and manageable.

BUT THE BEST PART? yes it gets better..
THE SMELL. Holy Crap! The bottle says red vanilla and whipped aloe.
 I couldn't put my finger on what the scent actually reminded me of until I came to work with my hair a bit damp and people were asking who smelt of red licorice. Yup that's me.

It smells like red licorice and a hint of vanilla. Amazing.

It's been about 2 weeks since I first tried it, but I don't think I'm going to be trying anything new for a bit. This is heavenly.


Monday, January 16, 2012

China Glaze "Rainbow" review and swatch

China Glaze "Rainbow"

I don't own very many China Glaze nail polishes but the more that I buy, the more that I want! They dry so fast, are generally opaque, have a great brush applicater, and have a very vast selection of colors to choose from. (Not as many as OPI, but then agian who does?)

I was browsing the polish section when I saw this color that just stood out from the rest, and I couldnt grab it quick enough. Now I don't know if love at first sight exists for every area of life, but for this polish it was the real deal.

Not the best picture, but the only one where I could get any pink to show up on camera

It was so friggen hard to get a picture that had the pink pearl effect show up! In almost every lighting it just showed up as a pearly white, when just below my camera you could see this beautiful pearly pink that showed up as the light hit it at different angles.

Now the first picture of the bottle I would say is the true effect of the polish. It's a stunning snow colored white pearl with almost a duo-chromed effect of a pink/violet.  It's basically white until the light hits it at it's different angle and you see a pink glow.

It's not a color that people are going to notice from 15 feet away and be like "wow! whats that!" but rather something that is more subtle, but noticeable close up.

This is an 9/10 in my books!

With one coast it could add a fun topper to different base polishes but worn alone needs at least 2 coats to become opaque. So I'm not sure if the need for 2 coats is a con, or is that if with 1 coat you can use it as a fun top coat is a plus? That's up in the air for debate.

Never the less this is a unique color that I think is worth at least a look at.


On a little side note...its the middle of January and the snow has Finally come to Vancouver! *little late old man winter*