Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herbal Essences Hydralicous self targeting shampoo

Hallelujah! I think I may have found my new favorite shampoo!

Herbal Essence Hydralicious shampoo "self targeting"
After my last shampoo I was on the hunt for something that wouldn't dry out my hair or make my roots feel greasy on the second day. This is it! I've tried lots of brands, high end and drugstore, This stuff is amazing! I haven't used herbal essence since I was maybe 11 or 12, back when they had their old packaging. (which I loved btw. Much more mature looking)

It's a 300ml bottle. Not even $3 CDN!! so inexpensive!!!!

My hair is so soft after using this shampoo. I don't get that yucky straw feeling anymore. Yay!
And my second day hair? it's soft and manageable.

BUT THE BEST PART? yes it gets better..
THE SMELL. Holy Crap! The bottle says red vanilla and whipped aloe.
 I couldn't put my finger on what the scent actually reminded me of until I came to work with my hair a bit damp and people were asking who smelt of red licorice. Yup that's me.

It smells like red licorice and a hint of vanilla. Amazing.

It's been about 2 weeks since I first tried it, but I don't think I'm going to be trying anything new for a bit. This is heavenly.



  1. Love your blog! Very cute idea! I'd love it if you would check out my shopping site and tell your friends.


    Zoe xo

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  3. I love this blog. AND i must say, I love Herbal Essences, too.. I'm kind of a freak about it, actually!


  4. I used to love the Herbal Essences shampoos, but sort of forgot about them recently... I've wanted to pick one up soon though - in this cold, I definitely need a new pick-me-up and I adore the smell of these shampoos.


  5. Cant wiat to try it! :) Follow my blog! its about every thing, school, boys, make up, fashion... :)