Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

One of my most recent purchases  I have been so impressed that I knew I had to share with everyone!
NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

This is the first eyeshadow base that I have ever bought. I don't think I have ever researched a type of product more. I have read basically every review I could find on three eyeshadow bases that seemed "Hype-Worthy".   NARS Pro Prime, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I have played around with all three at Sephora. By no means could I do a comparison between the three, but the most reviews I paid attention to were from those who have had tried two or the three.
What I found was that the most reviews were from UB or Too Faced. These are clearly very popular, and since they have been around longer, do have more attention. Which I dually noted.  What I also saw from the NARS reviews was that a lot of the people had tried UB or Too Faced first and preferred the NARS Base. This ultimately swayed me into my final decision. Not to mention I adore NARS :)

This still hasn't swayed me from trying the other two.  And if anyone has a great eye primer that they love, I would still love to hear about it !!

back to the review..

OMGoodness, Holy wow. From never using an eye primer before, I had no idea what I was missing. This is an actual miracle product. I had no idea that my eyeshadow could stay on this long without creasing!! I almost have no words because I am so blown away. I am ashamed to say that the first night I used this I fell asleep with my makeup on (failure) but when I woke up, my eye makeup looked the exact same and when I had first applied it. I was shocked. So every day after that before I took my makeup off from the day I checked out my eyeshadow waiting for the first night to be a fluke.  It wasn't.

Another WOW factor. The formula...super easy to blend. I was expecting something tacky and sticky. This is creamy and velvety and light weight. An absolute dream.

The NARS Pro Prime is more expensive than UB or Too Faced, but only by a few dollars. So if you are going to spend the money on one of the three primers mentioned, the NARS isn't outrageously priced compared to the other two just for reference.
Mine was $30 CDN.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOTD - OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry

The polish that I have been wearing the last week is OPI's Meet Me On The Star Ferry. A gorgeous  metallic berry color with multi colored shimmer, and there is lots of shimmer. I've actually had this polish in my collection for a long time and I don't know why I haven't worn it before, this is one of my favorite polishes now.

artificial light

natural light

In natural light you see more of the metallic, and in other light you notice more shimmer. One of the things I love about this polish is that it's a dark color, but it's more of a wearable dark color, not so much of a pop in your face. 

I just can't stop gushing about this color, I am so in love. I've gotten lot's of compliments, and now I just keep shoving my hands in every ones faces showing them because I am so excited about this color.

-StayFabulous Girlies

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pre-Birthday Haul (Feat. Sephora. MAC. Lush. HMV. Shoppers drug mart)

Hello lovelies,

Long time no talk. I have been seriously so busy working like a crazy person, hence the lack of posts.  Thankfully these are all in good fun and not a second job - because I would have been fired a long time ago  :)

Any who- So my birthday is in a few days and I am very excited. So long 21, and hello 22.
Every year around my birthday I like to treat myself to a little special something. A gift to me, from me. This year....I went a little insane. I'm considering a white straight jacket and mental hospital insane.
I keep trying to justify these purchases by telling myself that it's my birthday soon, and that I have been working really hard lately and I deserve it, but in all honesty this probably wasn't the best idea I've had. The "time of the month" is coming pretty quick too, so these may be emotional purchases as well ;)
Does anyone else do that ?

Well now that whats been done is done, I'm just going to stick a little band-aid on my wallet and share my love/hate haul with you. I haven't tried most of these products before (although I have done my research) But if you have tried anything I would love to hear your experience and thoughts on them. Pretty please :)

Onto the Haul............

From Shoppers Drug Mart I bought two items 

Bioderma Sensibio is a makeup remover/cleanser that I heard of from Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel. I thought they only sold this in the UK but I saw it a few weeks ago here in Canada. I only saw the large or regular sized bottles which were 22$ CDN, and I didn't want to spend that much so I always just looked from a distance. Luckily the other day I spotted some travel sizes that were 6$ and snatched it up to try.

I also got Loreal's Re-Nutrition intense mask for my hair. My hair has felt really dry and brittle the last week and I thought I'd try to pamper my hair a bit.

From MAC I bought a lip gloss and 3 eye shadow.

Mac LipGlass in Pink Lemonade.
A bright coral pink.
Ingrid (missglamorazzi) keeps talking about this gloss and every time I see it I drool. Perfect summer color. This is also my very first MAC lipglass.

MAC eyeshadow in Brule.
A cream color with a satin finish.
I just finished my last brule and had to repurchase this. It's the perfect highlight color if you don't want shimmer. I also love it for blending out other colors.

MAC eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive.
An Olive green with a golden sheen.
Veluxe Pearl finish.
I feel like the majority of the eyeshadow I wear is very neutral. So most of my MAC eye shadows are neutral colors. I wanted to add some color to my makeup and one wearable colorful color that I find easily wearable is green, so I bought one of the most beautiful greens MAC carries. I'm going to wear this tonight and I am so excited.
MAC eye shadow in Print
A charcoal with a satin finish.
I originally went in to buy carbon, but the more I looked at Print the more I fell in love. Black is a bit harsh on my eyes and I think a charcoal color might be easier to wear. Plus it's just gorgeous :)
One thing I found that was interesting while taking pictures is that both Print and Brule are both satins, but Brule's slight "shimmer" didn't show up in pictures, while looking at Print in the pictures above it's easily noticeable in different light. weeeiiirrd.
P.s. The shimmer in Print isn't really that noticeable on the skin. It shows up like a true satin.

The girl at MAC also gave me a sample of MAC zoom lash. I love plush lash and mascara X, so I have high hopes for this one.

From Lush I bought 2 soaps, a face/body mask and a shower jelly.

Honey I washed the kids Soap
Another repurchase. This is one of my two favorite soaps from lush. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try lush soap. The scent is a soft sweet honey smell. Also this is sooo moisturising and makes my body feel sooo soft. If you like the scent, grab it. You will not be disappointed.

Sea Vegetable Soap.
This has a beautiful concoction of smells (mint/citrus/floral) all mixed together and I love it. My boyfriend and his roommate didn't like this. They said it smelt like po pourri. I didn't know that was a bad thing? Thankfully this wasn't for them. I adore the scent and am super excited to try a new soap from lush. I would recommend giving this a whiff in the store. See if you like it too, and tell me what you think :)

Mask Of Magnaminty
The only masks that I've used from Lush before are from their fresh face mask line. This mask doesn't need to be refrigerated, and doesn't go bad in 3 weeks. I've heard really great things about this mask, about how it's very deep cleaning and refreshing. The scent is peppermint and it's really strong. If you can't handle minty scents this isn't going to be for you.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
Another lush product that I haven't tried before. The Lush shower jellies have always been something I've looked at and this one in particular. I figured why not try it once to see if I like it. This smells exactly like my favorite soap from Lush (Godmother) like very sweet candy (Swedish fish) Amazing.

From Sephora I bought a bunch of goodies.

This is Michael Kors Leg shine in their mini size. It has the scent of their original perfume ( Incredible, one of my favorites) and it's supposed to give your legs a slight bronze and shine.

Sephora brand Anti Shine Primer
I've looked online at this primer about a hundred times thinking maybe I should try it, and when I saw it on their sale table (For only 7$) I had to give it a try. I have super oily skin and need products that keep me matte for most of the day.

This was my free birthday gift from Sephora
Two mini Fresh Sugar kisses lip treatments (one tinted and one with SPF 15)
I actually have gotten to try both of these and they seem great. They remind me of Burt's Bee's chap stick, very slick.

My very first Benefit creasless cream shadow in Flatter Me. A Mauve-ey Taupe
I always play with these when I go to sephora and this has got to be the longest lasting cream shadow I have ever seen. I have to scrub at this to get it off. So I'm glad I got my makeup remover.
Ever notice how cute all of Benefits packaging it. It shows how much thought they put into it.  Major bonus points.

This Benefit velvet eye shadow in Buckle Bunny
This is also my first benefit eye shadow. The color is so close to being exactly like the cream shadow in flatter me. I can't wait to use them together. This might be slightly more bronzey than Flatter me, but you could only notice that in certain lighting.

Nars Smudge proof eye shadow base
I hope I've done my research well. I've been looking for the best eye primer that will work for me and I hope hope hope this is a winner.

Tarte amazonian clay blush and bronzer minis
blush is in Dollface
bronzer in Park avenue princess

Coach duo roller ball perfume with coach poppy and coach poppy flower perfume.

I also got a free sample of Ojon's new instant restorative hair serum

Lastly I went to HMV because they have such good deals on movies and Cd's. Everything was like 5$/10$/15$
1) Harry potter and the philosophers stone (because the original one I have is in VHS)
2) Sweet Home Alabama
3) Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
4) Water For Elephants

I was in a bit of a chick flick mood ;)

And lastly, probably my most favorite item of the day.....
This Cd has been on repeat all. day. long.
love it. love her voice.

-StayFabulous girlies