Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Haul- Bath & Body Works

My first haul!!

And it's a few days behind...
I actualy got these items about 3 days ago when I told my mum that we needed some some hand soaps that were moisturizing, because the ones we had were sucking my skin dry. If you just looked at my hands alone, you might think I was my mothers mother! And then the glorious email from B&BW came and they had some outrageous deals that I just couldn't pass up on. And heres what I got..

This shopping trip I let myself indugle in some of the fantastic sales B&BW had going on over this weekend.  7 for $25 on all handsoaps. and 4 for $20 on all wallflowers and scents.
This was the only item not on sale. But for only $2 it may as well have been.
It's a little bumblebee rubber top that goes on their soap handles. If anything it's a bit of an annoyence because of how easy it can come off. The only reasoning I had in buying it was that my mothers nickname is "honeybee" and whenever we see a little bee themed knick knack we usualy buy it for her. It's cute but I would never buy any of the other decorative tops.

Top to bottom/ L to R

Kitchen lemon.Winter cranberry. Peach bellini . Sweet Pea
Iced Gingerbread.Twisted peppermint. White Citrus

My mom and I both picked out a few scents, and normally we have very different tastes but I turned out to love all of these! we have a pretty large range of baked goods to floraly, sweet, fruity, and holiday. I am definitly not going to be needing soap for a LONG time

I also picked up a plain white flower wallflower(to match any decor) and three scents
twisted peppermint. Tis the season *both to match the candles bought a week earlier* and gingerbread...well because it's december and my room likes to reek of the holidays. nuff said.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MAC Dame blush - Falling In Love Love With An Old Favorite

 My absolute all time favorite blush has got to be MAC dame blush.
It's a beautiful mid tone pink with a satin finish that is perfect for most skin tones ( I say most, but I have never actualy seen it look anything less than beautiful on someone). Dame is a must have blush for any season in my makeup bag. When i'm paler in the winter it adds a nice warm pink flush and adds a complimentary glow to my summer tan, and to all the months in between.  And the cherry on top is that Dame is so buildable. You can load on the color, or keep it minimal. IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!

In the picture above you can see the tiniest bit of sparkle reflects
but once you get it onto your skin it becomes more matte.
I absoutely hate sparkle or glitter in my blushes because I feel
 that it just makes any imperfections more noticable.

It retails for $23.50 CA/ $19.50 US

It's definitley not as inexspensive as most drugstore blushes, but it will take you months and months before you hit pan and even longer before you can finish up the product.
I was switching betwen two MAC blushes everyday and it was close to two years before I could finish up both of them. Hopefully that will give you a good idea.

MAC is really well known for their color selection, but if it's your first blush from MAC or your new to makeup, then this is the blush I would recomend for you. It's a fool proof.


Breakfast Of The Stars

 The first time I got to go to a television studio, I was talking to the set workers at the catering station when someone came up and said that the producers or someone important had just flown in and was starving and wanted a peanut banana honey sandwhich. Now, i've had peanut butter banana sandwhiches before...but never with honey.  I instantly thought yuck. But an hour later the entire cast came in and had seen these things and all wanted some. I had to try this out... but in breakfast form.

My Sweet Sunshine Bagels

whole wheat bagel
small banana
Any nut butter ( I prefer peanut)

This is so easy and healthy!

Toast bagel
Smear on desired amount of nut butter
*Trickest part*
but not really....
Drizzle on the skinnest strand of honey
Think angel hair pasta size
The honey will spread itself out nicely
and give you a nice even layer that wont be overpowering

slice the banana to a *not too thin* bite size piece
Then place on top of bagel
Pair it with a glass of milk or juice
And be ready to start your day like the stars..

Stay Fabulous-