Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LOTD - NYX Copacabana

I don't have too many lip products from NYX but this is still one of my favorites, NYX tinted lip spa in Copacabana. I don't know whether it's supposed to be a tinted lipstick, tinted balm or a tinted gloss, maybe it's a hybrid. Whatever it is I love it!

I bought this from a local drugstore for about $6 CDN. This was the lightest shade in the color range that the store had. It's a very milky pink color, close to Turkish delight by NARS but a bit darker.

This formula is very soft and silky. It feels like applying olive oil on your lips without all the greasy mess. The tinted lip spas do have a very minty menthol smell so if that's not for you neither will this product. Other than that I find this a great moisturizing product, but a warning... If your lips are so dry that they are cracked, this will settle into the lines and will not look pretty. If your lips are just a bit parched this is very quenching.

The only real Con to this product may just be for me.  I think I got a shotty tube because my twist up won't work. I have to bang it on my desk and then it pops out. It's annoying and as a result has left some marks on the lip product which is irritating. I have read some other reviews and no one else has had this problem that I could see.

I would absolutlely repurchase this product again if I run out. I adore this color so much.

Have you tried NYX's tinted lip spas?


Monday, February 27, 2012

NOTD- Essie Lady Like

More like the nail polish I've been wearing for the last two weeks.

Essie Lady Like is gorgeous combination of a dusty lilac/mauve, reminds me of the Nars Charade eyeshadow duo. The formula is so creamy and glossy. No shimmer or glitter with this lady. One of the most surprising aspects is how opaque Lady Like is - one coat was all I needed for perfect all over color.

This is my first and only Essie nail polish. I bought it late last summer and I can't even tell you how many times I've worn this on my nails. I don't know why I haven't bought Essie before. I felt so out of the loop.  And now- If I wasn't on a polish ban I would probably go Essie crazy. They have an unreal selection of natural and classic colors and as of recently, have been coming out with more  bright fun colors.

The packaging is adorable and classic looking in a 13.5 Ml glass bottle. I bought Lady Like at my Walmart for around $9 CDN which is on the pricier end of the drugstore polishes. Still cheaper than OPI though.

What are you favorite Essie polishes??


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath And Body Work Coconut Lime Breeze Body Lotion

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've practically been living at work. And now that starting tomorrow I have a few days off, I woke up sick today. Funny how life works out. So as I throw back some vitamin C I thought I'd share with you a little treat I just tried out.

My younger brother was so sweet to gift me with some Bath and Body Works Goodies this Christmas, and I had yet to try this lotion out since trying to finish up another one I had. Well I was getting to the bitter end and then today happened and I just needed a pick me up, something fruity and tropical.

This is the Coconut Lime Breeze body lotion. The formula is soft and creamy with a fairly thick consistency. My skin feels moisturized and supple. The scent....omg...the scent is incredible. It's obviously coconut and lime. Duh Hayley. The lime is the more dominant of the two with just a soft hint of coconut. If anything I smell Like a potent key lime pie. So yummy.

This is now a new favorite, and needed treat. Now i'm off to suffer through one more day of work. ugh. Wish me luck the day goes fast.

What are your favorite body lotion scents?


Monday, February 13, 2012

MAC Speed Dial Lipstick

Oh MAC, how I love you...

One of my fave MAC lipsticks has got to be "Speed Dial", a blue toned candied pink. In the tube there is the slightest amount of gold shimmer, but none of that transfers onto the lips. This is cremesheen so the formula is well... fabulous and creamy, not quite matte (Satin) with a high gloss finish. What I love about speed dial so much is that although it is a warm bright color, it's still neutral enough to be wearable on an everyday basis without looking obnoxious. Included is that famous light vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks are known to have. De-lish. I've been wearing this color to work almost every day for past two weeks and  the lipstick lasts about 4-5 hours before needing to reapply.

For $17.50 CDN  MAC lipsticks are a bit on the higher end but so worth the price. Highly Recommended.

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks?

MAC Speed Dial in different lighting

Monday, February 6, 2012

Loreal Voluminous : False Lashes VS. Million Lashes

Left: Million Lashes
Right- False Lashes
Today I'm having my Loreal Mascara showdown. Which is the best mascara? I've been pulling both of these out of my makeup drawer all week, but which do I favor? Which would I rather repurchase? Let's find out..

Loreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara

Lengthening:  Super lengthening! This mascara has fibers in the formula that give it's "False Lash" effect.
Holding A Curl:  Decent. Falls a bit flat after a minute (as you can see in the bottom picture) But I have lashes that stick straight out, and I've tried much worse. So not terrible. Not amazing either.
Volumizing: Again decent. It feels like there are more lashes than I had before which looks great, but the mascara formula can clump so easily and look "spidery" rather than full.
Packaging:  Gold with Sharpe edges that twist. Think twislers. More odd than cute.
Applicator :  long skinny brush with short bristles that taper in close to the tip a bit.  Hate it. Fibers get clumped into the brush so easily. Looks awful. Probably the reason for clumpy lashes.
Price:  Got for less than $10 CDN. really affordable.

Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Lengthening:  Not incredible, but still really great. There are no fibers but my lashes appear longer than what they do naked.
Holding A Curl: They stay put. Once curled they stay curled all day. I haven't had any falling whatsoever.
Volumizing:  Lot's of lashes that I didn't know I had. Well defined and feathery. LOVELOVELOVE
Packaging:  Rounded gold packaging with a flat line where the name reads. Nothing spectacular. Nice and simple.
Applicator :  Large and round with short plastic bristles. Reminds me of the cover girl fusion mascara wand. 
Price:  Again less than $10 CDN. Really affordable.

So who wins?


False lashes I can use with a dark dramatic eye, but millions is perfect for that and everyday as well. I hate clumpy mascara and Millions defined lashes are much prettier.
Don't even get me started on the wands. False Lashes is shit. Millions is heaven.

Have you tried either of these mascaras?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liner

Wow, it's been a really long time since I've tried a new liquid liner. I've been in a liquid liner rut, so last week I was in need of something new. I got the Loreal Lineur Intense felt tip eyeliner.  I've seen so many great reviews on youtube about it, so why not check it out for myself.

Sooo.. First day trial was not fun. I was excited to try it, but I was in a rush and completely messed up my eye makeup. Big Fail.  Not the liners fault. I just had to try again the next day. I know that you have to give yourself some time when trying out new products, get a feel for them and learn how to work them.

The second day was better.

 I got to play around with it a bit more, to see how easy I could get a thin or thick line.  It was friggen hard at first . I've always used a brush applicator for my liquid liner, and let me tell you now...switching to a felt tip was a pain in the ass. It was like learning to ride a bike.

But I kept on trying. Third day was a success.

And so was the fourth and fifth day and so on. The formula drys very quickly and it's super long lasting. No fading throughout the day whatsoever. The felt tip is a bit long in my opinion though. I wish it was just short and skinny. It could just be that I'm not used to a new applicator.

The price was great, very inexpensive. I bought it for less than $9 CDN at my local walmart :)

If you've tried out this liner I would love your thoughts. Or tell me about your favorite liners that you could recommend.