Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath And Body Work Coconut Lime Breeze Body Lotion

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've practically been living at work. And now that starting tomorrow I have a few days off, I woke up sick today. Funny how life works out. So as I throw back some vitamin C I thought I'd share with you a little treat I just tried out.

My younger brother was so sweet to gift me with some Bath and Body Works Goodies this Christmas, and I had yet to try this lotion out since trying to finish up another one I had. Well I was getting to the bitter end and then today happened and I just needed a pick me up, something fruity and tropical.

This is the Coconut Lime Breeze body lotion. The formula is soft and creamy with a fairly thick consistency. My skin feels moisturized and supple. The scent....omg...the scent is incredible. It's obviously coconut and lime. Duh Hayley. The lime is the more dominant of the two with just a soft hint of coconut. If anything I smell Like a potent key lime pie. So yummy.

This is now a new favorite, and needed treat. Now i'm off to suffer through one more day of work. ugh. Wish me luck the day goes fast.

What are your favorite body lotion scents?


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  1. Might have to gove this a go I love lovely smelling body lotions

    Love you blog, just followed

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