Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LOTD - NYX Copacabana

I don't have too many lip products from NYX but this is still one of my favorites, NYX tinted lip spa in Copacabana. I don't know whether it's supposed to be a tinted lipstick, tinted balm or a tinted gloss, maybe it's a hybrid. Whatever it is I love it!

I bought this from a local drugstore for about $6 CDN. This was the lightest shade in the color range that the store had. It's a very milky pink color, close to Turkish delight by NARS but a bit darker.

This formula is very soft and silky. It feels like applying olive oil on your lips without all the greasy mess. The tinted lip spas do have a very minty menthol smell so if that's not for you neither will this product. Other than that I find this a great moisturizing product, but a warning... If your lips are so dry that they are cracked, this will settle into the lines and will not look pretty. If your lips are just a bit parched this is very quenching.

The only real Con to this product may just be for me.  I think I got a shotty tube because my twist up won't work. I have to bang it on my desk and then it pops out. It's annoying and as a result has left some marks on the lip product which is irritating. I have read some other reviews and no one else has had this problem that I could see.

I would absolutlely repurchase this product again if I run out. I adore this color so much.

Have you tried NYX's tinted lip spas?


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