Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breakfast Of The Stars

 The first time I got to go to a television studio, I was talking to the set workers at the catering station when someone came up and said that the producers or someone important had just flown in and was starving and wanted a peanut banana honey sandwhich. Now, i've had peanut butter banana sandwhiches before...but never with honey.  I instantly thought yuck. But an hour later the entire cast came in and had seen these things and all wanted some. I had to try this out... but in breakfast form.

My Sweet Sunshine Bagels

whole wheat bagel
small banana
Any nut butter ( I prefer peanut)

This is so easy and healthy!

Toast bagel
Smear on desired amount of nut butter
*Trickest part*
but not really....
Drizzle on the skinnest strand of honey
Think angel hair pasta size
The honey will spread itself out nicely
and give you a nice even layer that wont be overpowering

slice the banana to a *not too thin* bite size piece
Then place on top of bagel
Pair it with a glass of milk or juice
And be ready to start your day like the stars..

Stay Fabulous-


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