Sunday, January 29, 2012

Re-Purchase! Studio Secrets Porefesional Magic Perfecting Base

Studio Secrets Porefesional
Magic Perfecting Base

I remember buying this about a year ago, and I couldn't for the life of me remember what I thought about it, which was perfect because I was looking around at the store for a new primer and for $10 CDN I thought why the hell not try it out again.

I've been using this for about a week now (So I'm glad I snapped up some photos of before I dug my paws into it) And these are my thoughts so far. The actual container seems very small. With my nails it can be a bit hard to get just the right amount of product without getting a big glob stuck under my nail. That being said about the small container, the product goes a very long way. All you need is a very tiny layer over your face or on the spots you need primed. If you do put too much on, you face will feel very slippery, but the right amount creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

The main reason I use a primer is to cover up the larger pores on my cheek around my nose. For that this product works perfectly. I just dab a small amount onto the area and pat in the product. I do not rub it in or smooth it over. Just pat it on. Then once my foundation is applied it's like..."what pores?".

So I really like the primer itself. Just not the packaging. It can be a daily pain in the ass. But I'm willing to deal with it for the product itself. I probably won't repurchase it again right after, I'd like to experiment with other primers first, but I like it enough to use up the rest of the container and to consider it again if I need a good primer down the road for a good price.

What are your favorite primers?



  1. I've been dying to try this primer out but cant bring myself to pay the full price because its so small! lol... I've been waiting for it to go on sale at Rite Aid or Walgreen. lol I might need to just give in and get it.


    1. The container does suck but the product goes a really long way. If you do see it on sale it's definitley worth a try!

  2. I have this primer too! I think the container is really cute & I don't wear nails so the size doesn't bother me. I would agree though that a little goes a long away. I like the way my skin feels when I put it on. Feels very soft. Love this primer :)

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    1. it is really great, and I love that it's a drugstore product so it's available to pretty much anyone

  3. I love your blog so much! It is so fun to read. To thank you for putting in so much effort, I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! (If you didn't get ít already :) )
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    xxx annie

    1. thank you soo much your are so sweet! :)