Friday, January 27, 2012

How To De-Stress Part 2

Continued... HOW TO DE-STRESS PART 2

Have a cup of tea my dear - If I've been crying, the first thing my mom had always done is bring me some tea (hot chocolate when I was really little ) I don't know what it is. Maybe the distraction of sipping on something. Maybe it's the warmth of the drink.I don't know. It doesn't cure the problem but my body starts relaxing. This is really good for a hard crying session. The ones where your chest is practically convulsing.

Go on and have something bad - We shouldn't eat candy or chips or pop, generally bad things for out body. But when your sad, sometimes it's okay. I know when you eat carbs it's boosts your serotonin levels (The happy hormone). Now you shouldn't make this a habit. Emotional eating can be a real problem, but once in a while is alright.

Work it out girl -  Another great way to boost serotonin! Not only will you feel happy, but your going to look better. Yoga, Pilate's, treadmill, doesn't matte any exercise. Hell- even go for a walk. It's all good.

That's what she's there for -  Grab your bestie, your mom, anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Let what ever is bother you out. Bitch it out. It's like releasing all the bad feelings out of your body.

Hold your pet -  I remember reading a while ago that holding your pet, and playing with them reduces stress levels. No idea how it works. But it's nice to have someone that is always happy around (hello- mans best friend)

How to you calm down and relax?



  1. aww I really like this post! It makes me want to go drink tea now tho :p cute blog! following!

    1. lol thank you! one of my favorites is Zen green tea from starbucks! SOOO GOOD!
      -Hayley xx