Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been watching YouTube religiously since about 2010 and since then I've gotten addicted to a few special gurus and comedians. They have given me great advice, tips , and laughs so I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't seen them!


MissGlamoazzi: She doesn't do crazy looks but I feel that our everyday makeup style is very similar that whenever she has a new video, it's one of my first to watch.

TiffanyD : She has such great tips and techniques. I really trust her opinion on products. If she doesn't like something she won't be afraid to say so.  I really admire her style.
Sometimes she can be the hardest to watch because I always want to try the products she loves, because whenever I do, I find that I always love them. This makes my wallet sad.

Amarixe : If you haven't heard of this girl. you NEED to go check her out. She is incredible.
She has such a variety of tutorials and tons of reviews. She's very versatile in the products she tries. which I love. Because hello, we don't all use just MAC products.
She also has a great blog as well if you haven't seen it. The blog has it all. Reviews. Tutorials. Fashion.Hauls. Everything.


Shane Dawson:  Hilarious! One of the funniest guys on YouTube. He makes fun of everything, including himself. He has sketches, short movies, chats, vlogs, all on multiple channels. This guy must not have a life, I don't know how anyone could be that productive with a channel and still have time to sleep.

NigaHiga : Every time I watch one of Ryan's videos, I literally laugh out loud. I wish he had more video's out often. I get so exited to see one of his videos in my subscription box!


ShayTards : By far the cutest family on the Internet. I wish I was a part of their family. Shay is so funny ( He also does comedy ) Katilette is so sweet and the shaytard kids are just so friggen cute and hilarious. This family looks like it's funfunfun all day.

Who are your YouTube favorites?



  1. Hey so sorry I am just getting back to you... for some reason the answer box on my blog doesn't allow me to answer someones question sometimes... yes I do have an under eye concealer that I recommend! I actually use one from CoverGirl & Olay that is really inexpensive, I bought mine at walmart! :)

    1. thank you so much! i'm actualy going there tonight. I will definitly take a look!

      -Hayley xx

  2. I love Miss Glamorazzi videos too.

  3. Ive been watching miss glamorazzi for over a year and she is one of my favorites too! Bubzbeauty is great too!