Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To De-Stress

Life is a tough, exhausting, and emotional place. And all that stress affects the way our bodies function, as well as look. Relaxing is good for your health, as well as you beauty. These are some tips that help me DE-stress, clam down, and relax.

1. Light some candles : The soft light helps our body think it's time to relax, and helps turn off all that unwanted buzzing going through our heads at a mile per second. PLUS the scents can be very soothing. Think lavender, vanilla, mint.

2.  Have a bath or a hot tub :  The hot water loosens up our muscles, and increases blood flow throughout or bodies.  AND all our pores get "opened up" and all the toxins and dirt are loosened out. Even a facial steamer is calming.

3. Watch a movie : Sometimes when I'm upset and emotional I like to throw on a movie. It distracts me from whatever is bothering me, and for a moment I'm in another world living someone Else's life.

4. Read a book : ^ same reason as above. This can be a little trickier since you don't have the bonus of distraction of sight. But depending on your preferences this can work just as well. And depending on the book, can distract you hours longer.

5. Go on and cook/bake something : Try out a new recipe. Make something you always wanted to make. Make some of your favorite restaurant recipes, from scratch. Cooking and baking aren't what people normally think of when trying to relax, but it's very therapeutic.

To be continued...