Sunday, December 4, 2011

HOW TO - Curing Dry&Chapped Winter Hands

How to cure dry, chapped Hands

This is such a simple tip, but it does wonders. Carry a small tube in your bag, have some in your washroom, keep some by your bed. JUST KEEP SOME NEAR!

2)Switch to a moisturising cream hand soap!
They are just as cleansing as regular hand soap, so why dry out your hands when you can soften them? Bath&Body Works has a great line of moisturizing hand soaps in tons of scents. And they always have sales. Also every drugstore carries them, just make sure you read the labels first.

3) Exfoliate!
It's going to to take a very long time to soften up your hands if you still old dry dead skin lingering on them. You can find scrubs at drugstores, body shops, or even DIY recipes. My easy DIY hand scrub is just a bit of sugar mixed with olive oil. Another is baking soda mixed with water to create a paste. All you do after you have your scrub is rub gently over any dry areas. Yes.. really. That simple. Then wash away.

4)Olive oil!
I like to use this as a cuticle treatment mostly but it's very moisturizing for skin and hair as well.
Just dip you hands in olive oil for about 5 minutes and massage into your skin then wash away.

5)Wear your gloves!
Cold weather and wind can suck out moisture from your paws. Gloves aren't just cute. They keep your hands warm and act as a barrier against cold windy weather.