Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A quick review- Live clean shampoo & conditioner

Top - Live clean apple cider clarifying shampoo
Bottom - live clean exotic nectar argon oil conditioner
Middle - The shortbread cookies I made :)

Let me start off by saying that in general I am sufficiently disappointed...even in the cookies.

Lets begin with good..

All Live Clean products are 98% plant derived - Pure vegan - SLS/ Sulfate free - Paraben free-Certified organic botanicals - Petroleum free - DEA free - Phthalate free - Biodegradable ingredients - Recyclable packaging- And most importantly..Never tested on animals.

Live Clean exotic nectar argon oil conditioner

This was a very small bottle, considering what I have been used to. The bottle only ended up lasting just less than a month. I hate having to go repurchase shampoo&conditioner all the time so I usually end up buying the larger bottles (  IF I like product of course) But they only come in the one size (350ml/ 12 U.S Fl. oz)

The conditioner has the most lovely nutty scent! And lingers lightly on the hair after drying. This is a big bonus for those who like nutty scents like moi.

I apply my conditioner to whatever hair would fall from a ponytail to keep my roots from getting overly moisturized and greasy. This conditions fairly well. It's definitely not a disappointment, but on the other hand it wasn't exceptional. I've had other conditioners do a better job.

All in all while my hair had a heavenly scent to it, it was left just feeling blah-
I wouldn't repurchase this myself again but if it was given to me I wouldn't hesitate to use it again as a substitute.

Live Clean apple cider clarifying shampoo

Again, small bottle. For shampoo this isn't an issue for me because I don't go through shampoo quite as fast as conditioner. And again one size (350ml/ 12 U.S Fl. oz).

The scent again is incredible! Smells like a very potent batch of apple cider. So yummy! This was the only fun part of the shampoo though.

I apply my shampoo to the roots of my hair and massage into my scalp. I leave out the ends because I don't want to strip my locks of moisture, and when I rinse the shampoo will gently cleanse them as much as needed.

At first this seems like a very nice shampoo. My hair felt cleansed. The scent was great. It wasn't until I had used it a few times that I really got to see what was in store for me.

I like to wash my hair every other day to keep it healthy and strong. And I have never ever had a problem with 2nd day hair before, till this shampoo.  The day after my roots were so greasy and flat that I HAD to wash my hair again. I wasn't sure if this was the shampoo or not so I continued to use it. I have been using this product for almost 2 months and this has happened each time.

So while the first day is nice and pleasant. The 2nd day is a greasy mess that I hope to never endure again.  I have about 4-6 washes left in the bottle. And I will use it up, I hate to waste. But when the bottle is finished  I will recycle it away and never look back again....


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