Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOTD - OPI Come To Poppy

OPI - Come To Poppy

Spring is in the air. Finally! And as a salute to spring I decided to paint my nails the most spring-ish color from my collection.  This is OPI's Come To Poppy from their summer 2011 Nice Stems collection. A stunning bright poppy pink that leans slightly on the coral side.  Slight shimmer and high shine.  I used  two coats but you can definitely get away with one, because this polish is  pretty opaque.  This color is so young and fun and just screams  nice weather, so much i have it on both my hands and toes :)

 What's your favorite spring polish?


Few things I've been up to lately...
 My favorite breakfast joint that my friend shared with us while my boyfriend and I visited him in Calgary has opened a bunch of locations in BC!!  Cora's! This is one of my faves! 1990's harvest. It's pretty much a raisin cinnamon bun done up french toast style with an egg and some bacon and a pile of fruit. So Delicious!

I went to my first ever Canucks game. This was the Vancouver vs. Chicago game.
I'm not the biggest Canucks fan (maybe a Bieksa and Kesler fan *wink wink ), but I do love hockey!

 I got my hair done!! it's hard to tell from this picture but I got some natural blond streaks throughout all of my hair to lighten it up and some blond ombre in the front and a tiny in the back. I haven't loved my hair so much in such a long time. 

My friend Mike got one of those aging apps on his iPhone and when he sent me my picture I couldn't stop laughing!!

 And yesterday my bestie Carly and I spent practically the entire day together. We shopped for my boyfriends birthday present, had the yummiest wraps for lunch, then randomly decided to visit all the places she used to live in our city (she recently moved to a nearby city) and had so much fun. We went for a walk in some trails that were behind the last house we visited that we have so many memories from. We reminisced the bittersweet memories and I picked some wild daffodils that were nearby. Then we stopped at our high school that we used to go to and walked around looking at all the old classrooms and pictures on the wall. They had all the grad class photos except for ours :( we were really disappointed. Last stop we went to one of our favorite local pubs that have Tuesday wine specials and sipped on our pinot grigio and gossiped on the patio.  I ended the night going to see Titanic 3d with my boyfriend (And yes I had to drag him there. He had never seen it before! crazy.) It is just as amazing as I remembered it. I tried so hard to choke back the tears but caved during the scene when Rose is with jack on the water. It was the first time I cried in front of my boyfriend. Humiliating and memorable haha.

Do you have any embarrassing stories of crying in front of someone special?

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