Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Latest hits

Hello lovies.   It's been a while.
I've stumbled into quite a few products I have fallen
absolutely head over heels in love with.

Not all of these are are beauty based.  Though the ones that aren't will all be last.

First off.  It has been crazy hot and sunny out where I live.  
Naturally my makeup has become a little low key, but as a makeup
crazed person I still need that splash of color.  

Oh my goodness.  All I need is simple face makeup and BAM a pop of blue liner on my bottom lash line and I am out the door.  The one I have been loving lately is Rimmel London's Scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in the colour turquoise.   The formulation is super creamy and velvety. AND get this.   Stays put for hours!!! Even on the waterline.   Even when I took my makeup off for the day I could still see traces left that didn't want to let me go.  Serious stage 5 clinger. I wouldn't consider myself a "liner connoisseur" but this one is just a piece of art. I cant wait to get my hands on some more colours.  I'm thinking maybe some dark greens and purples for the fall. What do you think?

So if I'm not in the mood for standout eyes I like to make my lips the main attraction. I'm talking knockout pinks.  Heart breaking reds.  And jaw dropping corals.
First I have a confession to make.   I Hayley...have only JUST gotten into the Revlon lip butter craze. I know. I know.   I just thought they were so over talked about.   I was so wrong.   I was missing out all this time.   They have all the colour of a lipstick with all the moisture of a lip balm.  Sigh.
left- Sweet tart middle- Cherry Tart Right-Coral lustre

my favourites so far have been the colours sweet tart which
is a bright warm pink that is most definitely a candy coloured dream.
As well as cherry tart.   And they hit the nail on the head with this name.  
It's like cherry jelly on the lips.  No other way to describe it.
(PS. I have never gotten so many compliments from guys about my lipstick as much as this one.)
Then an old friend.  My Maybelline color sensational lipstick in coral lustre.  It's bright.  It's nicely pigmented.  It's creamy.  And it has the yummiest citrus smell that I wish all bright lip colours had.
Top- coral lustre
Middle- Sweet Tart
Bottom- Cherry Tart

No just kidding.  I just love my second day hair.  I used to have to wash my hair ever day because by day two my roots were greasy.  No.  It was because I washed my hair every day my roots were producing so much oil .I've been giving my hair breaks.  Only washing every other day. Sometimes every three days to give my hair less stress.  And I've been doing this for so long now I swear my hair doesn't produce nearly as much oil as it did a year ago on the second day.  Not to mention my second day hair skills have skyrocketed.  The product that has helped me so much is the Batiste dry shampoo.   This soaks up oil and leaves an amazing scent. When I started giving my hair breaks this was the only product that could get me through second day hair. Now that it's been so long and my hair oils are adjusting I don't need this every day.  But I won't lie.  It's great for volume too and I sometimes use it JUST to bump up the volume or as a  hair perfume. Shhsh don't tell.
Batiste Dry shampoo in the scents Wild & Original
The first scent I originally used was Blush which has been my favourite so far. It's a sweet floral. When one of these two empty out I will be repurchasing the blush scent right away. I enjoy the Original scent as well, it's very clean and fresh. Wild....its just OK. It's more of a fall/winter scent. A musky vanilla
Dexter & Lost
I think I was seriously missing out on TV as a teenager. I vaguely remember watching some Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie show. Ugh. Embarrassing.
I've just started season 5 of 6 of Lost and I don't want it to end. It's a bit of an odd show. Very weird things happen, but I really like the style of it. How they show small details that make no sense at first and then add up to reveal a huge part of the story later on. I love it. I have heard somewhat how the show ends. I'm not certain but lets just keep it a secret for now ;)
Dexter, omg omg omg. I have just started season 3. I believe there are 8 seasons so far but it is still on going. I have no words. This show is sooooooo good. And is it just me or is Michael C. Hall really cute..
And My last super favourite is my sweet lovable cat Patrick
This is Him keeping me company while I was sick.
And bonus points for my sweet boyfriend for bringing me Gatorade.
Patrick is 18 and just the most loving cat ever. He always wants to snuggle.
He is not the most photogenic cat ever but he makes up for it in sweetness.
Here is a little tidbit about him. His name is Patrick because he was born on St Patricks day.
I know I am so original. But I was 5.
Until Next time
Stay Fabulous

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